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Soccer Footballs

Soccer Footballs

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Mitre Impel Ball:

  • Mitre's best selling training ball.

  • Crafted with an efficient and hard wearing 30 panel construction to ensure consistent and long lasting performance during intense training sessions.

  • Constructed with 'Vimini' outer texture for enhanced grip and control to ensure player confidence and improved skills.

  • 3.5 mm EVA soft-touch foam backing enables players to comfortably control and play the ball - inspiring youngsters to and ensuring confidence on the ball.

  • Training ball comes inflated and is available in size 5 and 4. Suitable for a grass or astroturf surface.

  • Built for control.

Mitre Super Dimple Football

  • Training level ball

  • Built for hard ground surfaces including asphalt and concrete

  • 32 Panel design

Mitre Final Football

  • All rounder - A colourful and easy to play with football, suited for younger players looking to improve their skills and increase their confidence as they play.
  • Affordable durability - Constructed with a TPU outer surface and machine stitched seams for kickabouts all year round.
  • Suitable for grass or Astro surfaces.
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