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Hardskate - Skate/Scooter Helmet

Hardskate - Skate/Scooter Helmet

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Skate safely with our hardwearing, adjustable Saltrock skate helmet. This durable helmet, crafted to protect your head from falls, comes in a minimalist, sleek, black design to match all outfits. Featuring our iconic Saltrock logo, this Saltrock helmet will give you confidence and peace of mind knowing you will be protected if you fall. Adjust the straps to find your perfect, comfortable fit. Whether you have taken a trip down to the skatepark or are rolling to work, stay fashionable with our modern Saltrock skate helmet, keeping you safe from bumps and bruises. Our helmet is perfect to wear whilst riding a bike, skateboarding or riding a scooter. Check out our Saltrock skate pads to ensure all bases are covered! 

  • Hardwearing Saltrock helmet 
  • Adjustable straps for flexibility and comfort
  • Minimalist black design to match all outfits
  • Displaying our exemplary Saltrock logo
  • Keeping you safe and stylish whilst you perfect those skating techniques

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