Sola 3mm Titanium DL Gloves

Sola 3mm Titanium DL Gloves

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Sola 3mm Titanium DL (double lined) neoprene gauntlet style watersports gloves with palm grip. Cold or numb hands can spoil the enjoyment of your chosen watersport.  Sola  has developed a  range of gloves that enable you to have both dexterity and warmth with these great Titanium DL 3mm  Gloves in black suitable for just about any watersport.

Lots of  features including: 

  • Quality 3mm Titanium double lined Neoprene for extra durability and warmth

  • Supple ,lightweight and very flexible with gauntlet style giving that extra protection

  • PU grip on palms and fingers

  • Robust velcro wrist strap ensures snug fit and helps prevent water ingress

  • Smart Sola branding

As a guide size small - teens/small ladies, Medium - average ladies/small mens, Large - average mens