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The Strand
Close to our hearts, printed on the Strand T-shirt is the notorious “DANGER DO NOT SWIM NEAR ROCKS” wall paint of the Portstewart Strand steps. An exclusive Rawee design that is right up everyone’s street.

The Grace
Inspired by our wonderful Grace.

The Logo
With the Rawee logo printed on both the front and back, you can’t go wrong with this classic T. The Logo is suited to everyone, a must have closet staple.  Why? Why not.

The Native
Ordinally designed for the surfers of the north coast, the Native Tee represents the collaborative surfing community of the north coast and beyond. 
This exclusive print is displayed on the back of the T-shirt with our smaller Rawee logo on front.

The Shaka
Inspired by the shaka wave, this T characterises the “hang loose” and friendly culture of Rawee board company. This striking graphic is printed on the back with our large Rawee logo on the front.

The Eco
The Eco T-shirt highlights our Rawee mission; Raw, Eco, Energy. With our logo printed in blue, this T symbolizes how at Rawee board company we strive to be an eco-friendly and sustainable brand.